'Halo 6' Release Date, Latest News and Updates: Bungie Title Releasing Next Year? What Changes and Development to Expect

By Nens Mitchell , Updated Dec 09, 2016 06:40 PM EST

Players are already anticipating the release of "Halo 6" though there is still no definite release period for it yet. Analysts believe that Bungie's offering should do really better to improve on the weaknesses of "Halo 5."

In a podcast discussion, IGN gaming analysts talked about speculations on the upcoming "Halo 6." They mentioned that the campaign mode of "Halo 5" was a "mess" but that the multiplayer was one of the best. The question now is how the next installment of the game will improve on its campaign.

Improvements for 'Halo 6'

Also, it was noted that "Halo 6" needs to put in a lot of improvements on what "Halo 5" introduced since it was not really what gamers expected. One of the commentators even claimed that the marketing strategy for "Halo 5" was great but it did not translate to the game.

What will hapen to Master Chief?

One more problem that video game analysts saw was that "it appeared like they wanted to get rid of Master Chief" for "Halo 5." This is considered to be a bad idea since players wanted Master Chief alive and well.

Rumors indicate that the game could come next year. It was explained that "Halo 6" is already being developed by Bungie.

Almost a year ago, 343 Industries already announced that they were working on "Halo 6." The game's development director Frank O'Connor shared that they are working real hard for the next game release. He added that they are trying to develop a game that will match the high expectations of the players.

What to expect?

Since then, there has been very few reports on the release details and features of "Halo 6." However, fans have continuously speculated on what it will offer next to the gaming public. What do you expect for the upcoming "Halo 6" title?

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