'One Piece' Chapter 849 Spoilers, Latest News & Update: Pudding Deceives Big Mom for Sanji!

By Jyotirupa Sarma , Updated Dec 08, 2016 08:00 PM EST

"One Piece" fans are already surprised by Lady Pudding's decision to not marry Sanji. Now the spoilers are hinting at more twists and turns in the Plot. Reports are indicating that Lady Pudding deceives Big Mom and  cancels the wedding. It seems "One Piece" chapter 849 will take some interesting turns.

Straw Hat Luffy may challenge Big Mom into a fight even if he is in prison. However, Big Mom ignores him saying that she is not interested in fighting with him. 

At the end of Episode 848 of "One Piece" Pudding reveals her secret plan to Luffy and Namy. Pudding is determined to reveal Big Mom's manipulative moves to Sanji. She will also tell him that Luffy and Namy are imprisoned by her mother. Pudding will try to help Sanji's friends in escaping from her mother. Pudding is not bothered about the consequences of her revelations to Sanji. In the process she is ready to sacrifice herself as her love for Sanji is selfless, Noted Travelers Today. She is determined to stop the wedding and in Chapter 849 of "One Piece" she will set Sanji free.

As Pudding is very impulsive and unpredictable Sanji must know about her moves. She might try to take her life and complicate the entire plot. Sanji's understanding of Puddings plans will impact the Straw-Hat Pirates. If Pudding is successful in taking her life Big Mom will avenge her death, speculated Gack Hollywood.

In "One Piece" chapter 849 Carrot and Chopper will be successful in escaping the Mirror World. They can help Luffy and Namy in escaping the prison. Fans will be pleased if all of them can stop Lady Pudding from committing suicide. Reports are also indicating that at the end, all of them will be able to escape Whole Cake Island and subsequently will be united in the battle with Big Mom. However, these developments are not confirmed yet. 

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