'Limitless' Season 2 Air Date, News & Update: CBS Considers Petition, Airs 2017, Plot Focuses On Rebecca Harris Instead Of Brian Finch?

By Marrianne Salvador ledesma , Updated Dec 08, 2016 11:16 PM EST

The air date of "Limitless" Season 2 has been placed in jeopardy as CBS claimed that "Limitless" has not reached enough ratings to have another season. On the contrary, numerous online petitions are made by "Limitless" fans to appeal the decision of CBS through online petitions on Change.org and ThePetitionSite to make "Limitless" Season 2 happen, all of which are seems to become fruitful now.

Gamenguide reports that the show has been confirmed canceled by the creator of "Limitless" Season 2 himself, Craig Sweeney. However, even if CBS claimed that the "Limitless" has not received a fair number of ratings to make the station air them again, thousands of petitions online are calling for "Limitless" Season 2. This is also said to be the reason why CBS has changed its mind and decided to give "Limitless" Season 2 a slot for 2017.

On the other hand, it can be remembered that one of the reasons why "Limitless" has been reported to canceled, is the fact that it's plot and the showrunner is too simple and predictable. In connection to this, since NZT plot is crucial for the story of "Limitless" Season 2, the turnaround is to transfer the spotlight from Brian Finch to Rebecca Harris. Rebecca Harris is Brian Finch's handler on FBI, a predominant character on the "Limitless" and she also tried NZT on one of the show's episodes.

According to reports, Rebecca Harris would solve the mystery of Senator Morra's past that would end up to how his father was found dead right after her birthday. CBS is still quiet about "Limitless" Season 2 and nothing are fully confirmed yet, however, will the growing number of online petitions "Limitless" Season 2 will surely be possible. Do you think Rebecca Harris is better than Brian Finch when they are both on NZT? Tell us what you think below! Stay tuned for more of your 'Limitless" Season 2 updates!

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