Killzone: Shadow Fall News: Launch Trailer Has Arrived [VIDEO]

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Nov 12, 2013 07:03 PM EST

With only three days left to go before the PlayStation 4 launches, Guerilla Games has provided the launch trailer for the console's first shooter, Killzone: Shadow Fall.

It's not as action packed as you might expect, but the trailer shows that the game is definitely grand in scale. Check it out below:

As previously stated by the PS Blog, Shadow Fall, "is set in a near future, thirty years after the events of 'Killzone 3.' The world is a very different place; two rival factions known as the Helghast and the Vektans live side by side in a futuristic city, divided by a vast wall. Tensions are high, and the cold war they are embroiled in is about to go hot."

The idea of the Cold War is crucial to the game's plot, and has been emphasized since the reveal. Guerrilla Games managing director Hermen Hulst says, "The story draws parallels to Cold War Berlin, with two factions living side by side divided by a vast wall. This is a story about the loss of home, the search of new home, and the lengths to which people go to defend it."

Killzone: Shadow Fall is a launch game for the PS4, and with the console releasing in the U.S. later this week, gamers won't have to wait much longer to play it. Even once the game is in their posession, the game will be playable within minutes of loading the game into the system. We reported earlier that according to Hulst, Shadow Fall will be ready to go in less than three minutes to get started after you insert the disc - 2 minutes 44 seconds exactly (just enough time to make a sandwich or make a quick trip to the john) counting the introductory cinematic and profile creation.

"You put in a disc and it's going to take 30 seconds to get into the menu. Then if you immediately press X to start the single-player campaign, a 1.5 minute introduction video that explains what happened at the end of Killzone 3 will play," said Hulst.

If players choose to play the game while it downloads, the game will download the first two levels. While players play through them, the rest of the game will download in the background, Hulst explained. If players' Internet connection is fast enough, transition between levels should be almost seamless.

What's more, remote Play between the PS4 and PS Vita will be featured. Game's out with the PlayStation 4 this Friday, November 15.

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