'Dragon Ball Super' Latest News & Update: English-Dubbed Season 1 Airing On Adult Swim Next Year

By Miah Spencer , Updated Dec 09, 2016 04:24 AM EST

"Dragon Ball Super" will finally be available to U.S. viewers next year. Funimation is creating the English-dubbed version of the hit anime series to be aired on Adult Swim starting Jan. 7, 2017.

There will be two different airing time: 8 PM and 11:30 PM ET. "Dragon Ball Super" will be included in the Toonami lineup of the cable channel along with the other anime series. Season 1 which has a total of 26 episodes will be aired every Saturday.

The voice actors for the animated film "Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F" will give English voices to the iconic characters of "Dragon Ball Super." Seán Schemmel will dub Goku, Christopher R. Sabat as Vegeta, Sonny Strait as Krillin and Jason Douglas as Beerus, according to per Polygon.

The villains in "Dragon Ball Super" include Beerus, Frieza, Hit and Zamasu. The story is set after the Super Saiyans defeated Majin Boo. The inhabitants of the earth are living in peace when suddenly Beerus came to bring destruction.

The God of Destruction for Universe 7 has seen Son Goku in the prophecy as the Super Saiyan God so he wants to challenge him. He wants to know how powerful Goku is. Beerus ended up defeating the Saiyan in "Dragon Ball Super" but he spared the earth because he was satisfied with their battle.

After Beerus, the resurrection of Frieza will follow in "Dragon Ball Super." Using the dragon balls, he returns to make Goku pay for making him suffer in hell. But just like the old times, he is once again defeated by the great warrior.

Gamenguide earlier reported that the strongest opponents of Goku in "Dragon Ball Super" are Zamasu and Black Goku who are actually just the same person. Goku and Vegeta will have no choice but to do a fusion technique to combine their powers together and defeat their immortal enemy.

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