'The Last of Us: Part II' Latest News & Updates: Naughty Dog Dropped The Game's Teaser Through An Artwork But Nobody Noticed

By Cores Grace Malaay , Updated Dec 09, 2016 05:06 AM EST

In September, an official poster of "The Last of Us" was revealed for the game's sequel, "The Last of Us: Part II" which fans have just realized now. Famed designer Mondo crafted the artwork, which was released for the game's annual celebration of its Outbreak Day on Sep. 26.

According to GameSpot, Sept. 26 was the fictional day in the world of "The Last of Us" where the Cordyceps fungus achieved critical mass. Previously, developer Naughty Dog had also teased games through a headline in a newspaper that is seen in "Uncharted 3," which teased the original "The Last of Us" existence.

Eurogamer reports that in "The Last of Us" artwork, someone that is believed to be Ellie is carrying a switchblade knife and branches of fern enveloped around her arm while moths are nearby as well as resting on her. Naughty Dog has revealed the game's trailer for "The Last of Us: Part II," which features an older Ellie who is now the game's main character.

Ellie is shown in "The Last of Us: Part II"" with a new tattoo on her arm and this is exactly the piece of artwork where designer Mondo has created showing the tattoo design. Naughty Dog fully revealed the tattoo design for fans to integrate into cosplay.

The poster was basically more for "The Last of Us: Part II" rather than the original game, but it can no longer be purchased. Mondo sold the artwork on his store only in limited number. Furthermore, it was reported that "The Last of Us" first director Bruce Straley is not coming back to helm the sequel while the director replacing him asked the fans to have faith in Naughty Dog with the sequel.

Developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, "The Last of Us: Part II" is an upcoming action-adventure survival horror video game, which was announced at the PlayStation Experience event this month. It is a sequel to the 2013 game "The Last of Us."

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