‘Super Mario Run’ Release Date, Specs, News & Updates: Nintendo’s First New Mobile App Featuring Mario, How To Unlock Full Game?

By Estrealla , Updated Dec 09, 2016 10:32 AM EST

Nintendo has just announced about "Super Mario Run", commencing on December 15 2016. Also including on how to open the full version of game.

The players of "Super Mario Run" can't even further wait for the games to finally happen. As we know the traditional game has its different buttons occupying both hands. The new features of this Super Mario game is that it just keeps running forward of his own, but at the same time needs a full trust of the finger to jump the barrier. It Also eschews troublesome opponent and seizes the flag pole for stepping on to the next level.

Meanwhile, GameSpot says the creator (Shigeru Miyamoto) of "Super Mario Run" shared the twist that while being a Mario, after a long series, one can play other characters by unlocking them. This is what Nintendo intends for the game. They're eager to serve the players the most enchanting game.

However, Miyamoto did not utter more enlightenment for the character but as he said the best bet are Luigi and Peach. To fulfil the unique expertise of other characters, players must get the tools to unfasten more "Super Mario Run" game individuality.

"Super Mario Run" is free to download. But in order to get the full variant you will pay $10 while the others are still limited.  The game has its 3 different mode to finish up. In addition, one thing to remember in playing this game is to have patience to get into the final mode called Kingdom Builder.

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