'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Updates: Transferring Pokemon is Much Easier; More PokeStops and Gym Will be Appearing?

By Ruffy , Updated Dec 09, 2016 06:48 AM EST

A new update has arrived for "Pokémon Go" recently and it adds an improved feature for transferring the creatures. Data miners have also uncovered new information in the Android v0.49.1 update and it looks like that more Pokémon are on the way. The developers behind the hit mobile app, Niantic Labs, have partnered with other companies since they will be adding more gyms and Pokestops.

The latest update for "Pokémon Go" made transferring Pokémon much easier since it can now be done in bulk and not individually. The new feature for the app can be done by just pressing and holding the creatures from the Pokedex menu. Unlike before where the trainers have to go through every single Pokémon and process the transferring by going to the menu options each time.

Transferring the Pokémon is similar to letting them go back in the wild in the original installments of the franchise. However, transferring the creatures to Professor Willow will reward users back with a candy. With the new update in "Pokémon Go," players would now have an easier time gaining more candies and it would also motivate more trainers to catch Pokémon in exchange for candies.

Furthermore, Niantic Labs have also collaborated with other companies like Starbucks. The Starbucks outlets will soon be PokeStops or gyms and this is a good strategy for the company to boost their sales. Niantic Labs have also partnered up with Sprint and they are planning to make more than 10,000 Sprint outlets into PokeStops or gyms as well. Aside from that, Boost Mobile stores and Radioshack will set up a charging station in order to cater to "Pokémon Go" users.

Based on reports, data miners were also able to spot new information from the newest update of "Pokémon Go." It was found out that the future patches for the mobile app will include Shiny Pokémon. These creatures are very rare and have a different color design from the normal Pokémon. About 100 audio files were uncovered and this would possibly be the sounds that the new Pokémon will be making.

It has already been confirmed by Niantic Labs that 100 more Pokémon will be added to the Pokedex of "Pokémon Go." The developers of the mobile app are also planning to announce more information regarding the future update on Dec. 12.

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