'Dead Rising 4' Tips, Tricks & Guides: How to Level Up Faster Within the Game; Find More Items by Unlocking Safes; More Details Revealed

By Ruffy , Updated Dec 09, 2016 06:27 AM EST

"Dead Rising 4" has been released recently and a lot of fans are already enjoying the game. However, there are some tips that a player must know first before starting the game. With this, players will have a less difficult time as the game progresses.

According to reports, there are a lot of businesses or stores located inside the Willamette Mall of "Dead Rising 4," and inside them contain a safe. In order to unlock them, the main character, Frank West, must utilize the Spectrum Analyzer in order to obtain the access code. After doing this process, items that are hidden inside the safe can be obtained.

Another activity that players can take advantage of is encountering friendly survivors since this will allow Frank to acquire bonus PP, Scraps, and weapons. However, these types of events are randomized and it will reset every time the main character has been far away from the location. Friendly survivors can also be encountered by saving survivors, eliminating equipment or invading a supply drop.

Furthermore, at the start of "Dead Rising 4." it is recommended to level up the Fortitude skill tree first since this contains the health and the stamina. Based on reports, raising the health will surely be helpful along the way in order to survive longer. The stamina is also vital so Frank would be able to run away from the zombies also the time which can guarantee survival.

A great method to level up within "Dead Rising 4" is by taking a lot of photos around Willamette Mall especially when there are zombies around, If there are more presence of the undead, the better, as long as the player gets a good shot from a safe distance. This will allow gamers to gain a lot of PP which can range from 8,000 to 10,000. With this, leveling up would be much easier and also faster by making the skills and abilities of the protagonist.

"Dead Rising 4" was released during Dec. 6 and it is playable on Xbox One and Windows PC. In addition, the game has also been gaining good reception.

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