AMD Crimson ReLive Drivers Release Date, News & Update: AMD Rolls Out Yearly Update For Radeon Driver Suite With Features Galore

By Arianne Gift , Updated Dec 09, 2016 08:13 AM EST

AMD's Radeon Technologies Group granted its promise of releasing a new Radeon driver suite once a year. This year's update is called Crimson ReLive. AMD Crimson ReLive drivers feature performance boosts of up to eight percent for cards like the RX 480, a push towards VR features, elements that will benefit gamers/streamers, as well as screen recording for professional software.

These new features of the AMD Crimson ReLive drivers aren't just intended for AMD's consumer graphic cards. Tom's Hardware reports that this is the company's first initiative of combining its professional Radeon Pro drivers with its consumer drivers, using the same fundamental engineering for both. What this means is, whether one opted for a Radeon Pro to create 3D models on a desktop, or a regular Radeon GPU on a laptop, both will be served by the same, free driver. The same applies for server admins using Radeon VPro virtualization.

AMD Crimson ReLive Drivers Details

AMD's Crimson ReLive drivers aren't vastly different from the previous Radeon Software Crimson driver suite. Both driver suites share the same UI and have related layouts. ReLive however, is mostly an improvement to last year's release.

An additional tab integrated into the existing Radeon Settings interface is the ReLive screen capture software. This will allow users to record desktop footage or gameplay, capture screenshots, stream directly via Twitch or YouTube and enable an instant replay mode, the likes of DVR. AMD's Crimson ReLive drivers on enabled Instant Replay will allow gameplay or desktop use buffered to disk, which in turn will capture the best gaming moments.

AMD Crimson ReLive Drivers Availability

According to AMD, the company will continue its pace of regular hotfixes, but it will do so with a higher level of quality assurance, to make sure that the shipped drivers perform as expected. The company also mentioned that its Q&A initiative expanded in both automated and manual testing procedures, including new tests that examine VR performance. AMD's Crimson ReLive drivers are available right now, and you can download one at AMD's driver page.

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