‘NBA 2K17' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How Do Players Keep Themselves From Being Banned From The Game

By Mara Rev , Updated Dec 09, 2016 10:22 PM EST

Aside from role-playing games and action games, there are also sports games that gamers can also enjoy. One of these games is "NBA 2K17." As the game becomes popular, there are many people who get banned from the game because of various reasons and gamers have to avoid that. The following are a few ways on how you can avoid being banned from the game.

Avoid Buying Virtual Currencies From Other Players

Buying Virtual Currencies from other players using real money is not allowed in "NBA 2K17." Players should avoid this practice in order to continue playing the game.

Never Use Third Party Websites

There are third party websites that offer cheaper Virtual Currencies for players of "NBA 2K17." Using them is also one of the reasons why a player may be banned from playing the game. These third party websites are becoming more popular because they are being supported by players who want cheaper Virtual Currencies than the official website of "NBA 2K17."

Do not farm Virtual Currencies

Players farm Virtual Currencies in the game by taking a particular quantity of free Virtual Currency each time they place a My Player, but only deleting them later on. Farming Virtual Currencies in "NBA 2K17" is also another form of cheating which can lead a player to be banned from the game.

Never use Hacks or Bots

Hacks and bots are one of the most popular cheats that players usually use in games. These allow them to level up fast or even get unlimited in-game currency. Players are always discouraged from using these while playing "NBA 2K17." Most of them use these to exploit the glitches of the game but this can get you banned. In the latest two patches of the games, developers of the game have already incorporated ways to eliminate these types of cheating.

Games are fun, and "NBA 2K17" promotes teamwork and provides a good way to relieve stress. To continue this, players should learn how to respect the game and avoid abusing it.

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