'Pokemon Go:' Data Miners Discover Exciting Content Coming Next Week

By Doods , Updated Dec 09, 2016 11:01 AM EST

"Pokemon Go" players are excitedly waiting for the new update. Fans are anticipating the arrival of at least 100 new pokemon reportedly from generation two. But some enterprising code divers seem to have unearthed more features that were never speculated before.

Gen-2 Pokemons

Sources claim the code divers discovered additional changes and features embedded into the update's source code. According to SilphRoad, There were several interesting entries found in the file. After extensive data mining the "Pokemon Go" update file version 0.49.1, they were able to discover sound files for the next 100 pokemon. They believe that it is a strong indicator of generation two creature appearing in the game.

 Pokemons will have genders

The coders are also claim that the code for latest update will feature pokemon genders. Female and male gender identifiers have reportedly been discovered, but they also mention that the program does not yet have a code to have the genders appear in the game's UI. However, they suspect that it might be added at a later time with another update for "Pokemon Go."

Shiny Pokemons

The "Pokemon Go" data miners' continued search reveals another modifier which supposedly enables users to encounter a shiny pokemon. This is supported by their discovery that there are no more sprite files included in the update. It appears the game will receive 3D models directly from the server, which extends chances of players encountering the special pokemons.

Pokemon costumes

Some of the new files apparently indicate that the creatures might receive costumes. The code miners confirm that it was programmed to allow multiple kinds of costumes. This could mean special events and holidays with specific costumes in the works for "Pokemon Go."

Niantic Labs is expected to make their official announcement on Dec 12. With many more features discovered in the code, players can only hope that the company will throw in a surprise or two to make their "Pokemon Go" holiday exciting.

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