'GTA 6' Release Date, News & Update: Plot, Characters, Location & More About to Leak? ‘GTA V Online’ Strong with DLC? [GAMEPLAY]

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Dec 09, 2016 07:32 AM EST

"GTA 6" is still questioned in terms of accuracy and concretion before it surfaces. The fifth installment, however, seems to be doing just fine and continues to be a contender despite the longevity since it was released.

As many can justify, "GTA 6" has not been confirmed yet on launching anytime soon, but is an apparent certainty. The plot of the movie is one that many have debated on, and though it may sound preposterous, they are some of the possibilities that make the game more interesting.

Recent reports say that "GTA 6" will transpire in London or possibly Japan, fulfilling the goals that Rockstar Games seem to have set for itself. A justification is that the "Grand Theft Auto" franchise" has not departed from the United States, which may now be altered by the sixth title. The character to lead may be the long-awaited female character, whose most popular speculation is to be played by actress Eva Mendes.

The release date for "GTA 6" has not advanced nearer, as speculations still justify a 2020 launch but is still unconfirmed. One theory is the possibility of applying VR compatibility to the said game, but such is to be taken as a grain of salt for now. Lastly, it is also rumored that Ryan Gosling himself will be the male lead alongside the supposed Eva Mendes if it will come forth.

Other than the "GTA 6" news, "GTA V Online" will get what is assumed as one of the biggest downloadable content updates ever, namely Import/Export. Such will bring a new sleuth of car theft missions, more criminal underground attributes and earning loot along the way. Players will need to utilize skills and a tactical approach to accomplish whatever obstacles the content will roll out during the designated release on December 13.

What else can fans expect from both "GTA 6" and "GTA V Online?" Keep in touch with GamenGuide for more news and updates.

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