‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Season 3 Air Date, News & Update: Winter 2016 Release Unlikely; Series Delayed Due To ‘Hunter X Hunter?’ Plot Details

By Laine Lucas , Updated Dec 09, 2016 08:16 AM EST

Fans continue to wait for the premiere of "Tokyo Ghoul" Season 3. It's been a year since the animated series last hit the small screens and viewers can't wait for its return and find out what's next for Ken Kaneki.

"Tokyo Ghoul" Season 3 was believed to come out this year, as previously reported by GamenGuide. It was mentioned in a report by Anime Maru that the series will return in winter 2016 but latest reports suggest that this will not be the case. Furthermore, Studio Pierrot will no longer be in charge of the animation as Madhouse has taken over.

Otakukart also reported that "Tokyo Ghoul" Season 3 will feature a darker plot that the series may be rated as not appropriate for younger audiences. The report also stated that this change in the overall plot could be a result of Madhouse taking over the animation. Although this may make sense, there is really no official word from the executives or the network that would air the series.

Fans can only hold on to the fact that "Tokyo Ghoul" Season 3 is happening despite the lack of updates. However, the exact release date is anybody's guess. Some reports claimed that the series will return this year, while others speculated that it would be in 2018. Reportedly, the series would take time to return to the TV screens because manga creator Sui Ishida is said to be focused on "Hunter X Hunter." There wouldn't be enough material for a third season animated series, although it was rumored that the next installment will be based on the manga "Tokyo Ghoul: re."

Nevertheless, spoilers for "Tokyo Ghoul" Season 3 have emerged online. It was rumored that Kaneki will finally become a complete Kakuja and he will also be dealing with a new villain. Furthermore, Season 3 is also expected to explore on romance and also Touka's backstory. Fans can just stay tuned to GamenGuide to get the latest scoop on "Tokyo Ghoul's" new season.

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