HTC VR Studio Latest News & Update: Virtual Reality Experience Coming To Gamers; Details Revealed

By Susmita Pathak Mishra , Updated Dec 09, 2016 03:49 PM EST

Where the manual sectors are shifting to artificial intelligence, electronically-driven equipment are attempting to have a virtual reality interface for users. HTC announced on December 8 that is setting up a separate HTC VR studio called Vive Studios.

HTC will utilize the independent unit to develop applications and games that could make sure users and players get a real gaming experience on the virtual device. It was in June when the tech ace moved its Vive VR segment into a subsidiary. Now that it realizes the role played by virtual reality in gaming interface, it has revived HTC VR division. According to Engadget, the first game to be developed will be the "Arcade Saga" series.

What HTC VR Aims To Happen

HTC VR studio will launch and release in-house as well as those created by other developers. The "Arcade Saga" series will be its first in-house development, where games inspired by arcade combinations like archery and "Breakout" will be incorporated.

The HTC VR division aims at handling the studios the same way as Sony and Microsoft. They see to it that their Xbox and Playstation-packed games offer players a better gaming experience. Moreover, Oculus also has internal studios, one of which is meant for games while the other one is used for better cinematic interface for audiences.

HTC VR Further Plans

Like Oculus, HTC VR is also aiming at having separate multiple studios for games, and even for designs, cinema, sports and real estate, to name a few. The Verge reports that the company has already launched Vive headsets in cyber cafes and entertainment centers. HTC also has supporting software that is operated by startup accelerator Vive X.

While "Arcade Saga" is an initiative that was officially announced to be developed in the HTC VR studio, the company had already released an unofficial product having virtual reality features. One of these is "Front Defense," which is a World War II shooting gallery with VR features by HTC.

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