Google Nexus 7 Relase Date, News & Updates: To Come Out In 2017? Specs & Features Revealed!

By Danny Smith , Updated Dec 10, 2016 03:35 AM EST

All eyes are on Google as excitement over the upcoming release of the new Google Nexus 7 increase. Google's latest entry in the mobile gadget industry has caught the attention of many. The official specifications and features of the highly anticipated mobile unit remain a mystery.

Google took a giant leap this year by deciding to venture into the mobile gadget industry. Everybody is excited as the famous search engine schedule the release of Google Nexus 7 next year. According to Google, the mobile unit will be one of, if not the best handsets that will be released in 2017.

According to PC Advisor, Google Nexus 7 was initially scheduled for release in time for Christmas this year. However, the giant search engine company had to cancel its initial plan after Huawei refused the offer to be the manufacturer of Google's phone.

Sources report that the Chinese company Huawei refused to accept Google's proposal after the latter demanded to exclusively use their logo on Google Nexus 7. With the news of Google's refusal to include any other logo on their handphone, the executives of Huawei decided to trash the entire offer.

With the unfortunate turn of events, disappointed fans concluded that Google Nexus 7 will never make it to the market. However, new sources reveal that the famous search engine Google has managed to find a solution.

Reports also mentioned that Google is currently collaborating with HTC for its Google Nexus 7 release. Moreover, the tech giant and its new partner are reportedly working hand in hand to improve some of the features of Google Nexus 7.

The upgrade will focus on Google Nexus 7 design to match consumer demands for stylish and classy looking phones. Are you excited for the release of Google Nexus 7 too? Share your thoughts below and stay tuned to GamenGuide for more updates.

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