'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Baby And Shiny Pokemon Leaked; Genders And Costumes For Pokemon Coming To The Next Update?

By Jason Glenn , Updated Dec 10, 2016 09:15 PM EST

Niantic has released some major updates for "Pokemon Go" like the bulk transfer of Pokemon to Professor Willow where players can obtain candies, the new battle scene interface and the player's Pokemon buddy now records how much candies and distance it has obtained. However there are still more updates coming the "Pokemon Go" version 0.49.1 that highlights new features to the upcoming 100 new Pokemons.

The Silph Road got some of the data and information of what's coming to the "Pokemon Go" version 0.49.1. The group were the first dataminers to discover the first 100 Pokemons to be released to the game. The Silph Road extracted data which includes new sound files for the upcoming new 100 Pokemons that might be released next month.

Another exciting discovery in the "Pokemon Go" is the Pokemon Gender. This feature is extremely useful for trainers who want to breed a rare Pokemon. They extracted some files that suggest both "male and female gender identifier is at work" and are coming soon on the next update.

The next information they discovered has been rumored around for quite some time now in 'Pokemon Go", where the found some more codes for the extremely rare Shiny Pokemon. Shiny Pokemon are Pokemon that have an alternate color, for example instead of the blue Gyrados players might encounter a red skinned Gyrados.

"Pokemon Go" players' Avatars will also get more options to customize their characters including new designs of Hair, Shirt, Pants, Hat, Shoes, Eyes and Backpack that were seen in the codes added to the game. Not only will the players get their own costumes but the Pokemon will now also be able to wear clothes and playes will be able to customize it as well.

New positioning of the Buddy Pokemon was also discovered in the "Pokemon Go" version 0.49.1 which they call the "Baby" position. While the usual position of a buddy Pokemon is located on the feet, air or shoulder, the new information obtained only proves that the "Baby Pokemon" rumors are coming according to Pokemon Go Pocket.

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