'Grimm' Season 6 Premiere, Spoilers, Photos: Cast Reveals Behind-the-scene and Updates

By Mardielyn , Updated Dec 10, 2016 05:36 AM EST

It is the final season of NBC's fantasy and crime procedural drama series. "Grimm" Season 6 is set to premiere on January 6 2017, Friday and the starts to reveal spoilers and behind-the-scenes photos.

"Grimm" Season 6 Predictions and Spoilers

In "Grimm" Season 5, we saw how Nick Burkhardt (played by David Giuntoli) fell in love with his then nemesis Adalind Schade (played by Claire Coffee) as they both thought that Juliette Silverton (played by Giuntoli's real life fiancee, Bitsie Tulloch) is dead. However, the twist was Juliette was taken by Hadrian's Wall. They trained her and broke her down to control her Hexenbeist power. This is when Eve was born but her power weakened when Nick used the magic stick to heal the latter which became the reason why she returned as Juliette.

Other than Juliette's comeback in "Grimm Season 6", Sean Renard (played by Sasha Roiz) is the one we should look out for as he is said to be the next big bad villain in the upcoming season finale of the series. Adding on, we should also wait on what will happen to Adalind and to her children.

Before Conrad Bonaparte (played by Shaun Toub) died in the hands of Renard, we saw how he threatened Adalind. He gave cursed wedding ring to the latter and warned her that if she take it off her ring finger, her children will suffer. In "Grimm" Season 6, we will know if this ring's curse can be removed by Nick's magic stick.

According to fan theories and predictions, in "Grimm" Season 6, Diana and Renard might be in control since Bonaparte is no longer alive and Black Claw needs a new leader. Adalind will be in their side but not to the extent that she will help them in the Wesen Nacht as her loyalty is still with Nick and his friends. Eve, on the other hand, will no longer be part of the next season because the magic stick cured her and this lead to Juliette's return. When it comes to gang, there are speculations that one of them might be killed off even before the finale. Fans named either Renard, Adalind, Wu, Hank or Monroe will be killed off.

Behind-the-scenes and Updates from the Cast

Claire Coffee and David Giuntoli and even the official Twitter account of the revealed some updates for "Grimm" Season 6.

In IBT report, Bitsie Tulloch revealed a snowy setting of "Grimm" Season 6.

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