Pokemon GO Latest News & Update: Shiny Pokemon, Pokemon Genders Revealed In Data Mining Leak

By Jackie Villegas , Updated Dec 10, 2016 07:32 AM EST

"Pokemon GO" will soon get shiny Pokemon and Pokemon genders, as well as other new customization options, a recent data mine has revealed. Data miners reportedly pored through the most recent "Pokemon GO" patch and found code indicating that players will soon get Gen 2 Pokemon, a Pokemon breeding system, and other new features.

The news comes from The Silph Road, a "Pokemon GO" fan site, which says that it found code suggesting that players will soon be able to get shiny Pokemon. These rare Pokemon are identical to regular Pokemon except for their coloring. While a regular Caterpie, for example, is green, a shiny Caterpie is golden. A regular Charizard is orange, but a shiny Charizard is black with red wings. Getting a shiny Pokemon is a rare occurrence and is considered a prestigious feat.

Apart from the shiny Pokemon, the recent data mining reportedly also found gender markers for Pokemon. While there are currently no distinctions between male or female Pokemon in "Pokemon GO," there are Pokemon genders in the "Pokemon" 3DS games. "Pokemon GO" fans have taken this discovery to mean that Niantic may be preparing to introduce a breeding system in "Pokemon GO." Players have long been requesting for such a feature for the location-based augmented reality mobile game.

In addition, more customization is expected for both Pokemon and trainers in "Pokemon GO." According to the data mine, Pokemon will soon get special outfits and that these are categorized as "holiday" costumes. Meanwhile, trainers will get new customization options for hair, pants, shirt, shoes, backpack, and eyes. The new customization items will reportedly be categorized under the labels "sale," "new," "purchasable," and "unlockable."

Before this data mine, a data mining leak in November revealed that 100 new Pokemon from "Pokemon Gold and Silver" will soon be added to "Pokemon GO." GameSpot says that Niantic will reveal more about the new batch of Pokemon on Monday, Dec. 12.

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