'Kingdom' Season 3 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Qin State Vs The All Of The State In China

By Jerome , Updated Dec 10, 2016 08:01 AM EST

"Kingdom" is a manga created and illustrated by Yasuhisa. It is base on the warring state period of China. The Manga is based on the real life King of Qin which is Ying Zheng or Zhao Zheng which is Ei Sei in the Manga and Anime. The story is based also in real life conquest to unify China.

The Main Characters in "Kingdom" are Shin, a war orphan who joined the army after helping Ei Sei, the 31st King of Qin to restore Ei Sei position to the throne. Shin proves to be a great fighter as he easily increase rank and did perform incredible feats in each war. The second main character is Ei Sei the 31st King of Qin and in real life, Ying Zheng or Zhao Zheng.

He is currently planning to unify China to stop the war. In the anime, "Kingdom" Season 2 or the last episode of the anime, ends up even before the Coalition army. The Coalition army is the joint forces of the other states in China except for Qin, and begun to conquest and Destroy the State of Qin.

It is the state of Zhao, Wei, Han, Chu, Qi and Yan in "Kingdom". The Coalition army try to defeat a single state, Qin, but because of Qin military power and Qi backing out of the Coalition army, they failed to destroy the state of Qin. Qin almost lose hope when they heard that a Coalition army is in the state and approaching the Main Capital.

But Ei Sei, stands firm that gave the military commanders the strength to plan a defense against the Coalition Army in "Kingdom". They set the defense at Kankoku pass which is known as the most impenetrable pass in all of China. It is a gigantic wall protecting the passage to the capital of Qin Kanyou.

Due to it natural defense thanks to the Mountain range surrounding the Kanyou and the only passage is Kankoku pass, it can be seen as the hardest cities to conquer in "Kingdom". After the events of Battle of Kankoku pass. Many states think Qin as a threat especially the ideology of Ei Sei which is Unification of China.

Right now, in the Manga, they are already in process of the Unification of China. If "Kingdom" Season 3 will be released then we will be able to witness a great war against one state vs the whole state of China.

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