'Final Fantasy XV' Latest Hacks, News & Update: 'FF 15' How To Defeat Behemoth King, Ifrit & Ardyn

By Yang Llaneza , Updated Dec 11, 2016 05:04 AM EST

"Final Fantasy XV" players will have to challenge the three final big bosses Behemoth King, Ifrit and Ardyn. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you defeat them.

Attack from Rear of Behemoth King in "FFXV"

The best way to fight the Behemoth King is to attack from the hindmost. Cautiously placed Warp Points preferably in front of the building can direct the group away from within the monster's reach. This will provide "Final Fantasy XV" players the appropriate space to release the Link Strikes, Warp Strikes, and Armiger against the Behemoth King. To hasten the battle, end the monster's life by using the Divine Intervention as soon as its HP has been cut in half, says Eurogamer.

Defeat Ifrit in Two Stages in "FFXV"

"Final Fantasy XV" player will have to overthrow Ifrit in a couple of stages. The major round entails charging from a distance safe enough to launch numerous Warp Strikes. Players can finish the first stage by summoning Divine Intervention as soon as Ifrit has considerably weakened. The final stage is way harder but the tactic is fundamentally similar to that used for the Behemoth King. Take note however that you can only summon Divine Intervention if Ifrit's HP is nearly close to zero.

Defeat Ardyn, The Final Boss in "FFXV"

Ardyn will be a hard final boss to slay since he also has the ability to warp. Final Fantasy XV players will need to wedge his sword attacks and answer with an attack of their own. Players can preserve the attack tempo by healing each member with Warp Points and utilizing Wrap Strike to cut Ardyn's HP to half.

Final Fantasy XV players will find themselves combatting Ardyn in the air. Keep offensive with Warp Strike while protecting oneself alongside his attacks. When back on the ground, Ardyn will be too week to keep up the fight but continue with the attack. After a few more assaults, the game's story line will come to an end.

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