PlayStation Plus December 2016 Latest Games and PS4 4.07 Update: System Improvements Introduced; 'Invisible Inc.' and 'Stories: The Path of Destinies' Made Available

By Nens Mitchell , Updated Dec 11, 2016 07:40 AM EST

Sony Playstation 4 players can now download the latest PS4 4.07 update after it has gone live all around the globe. Some gamers, however, were not satisfied with the minimal changes the update brought.

What is the PS4 4.07 update?

With just a 313.3 MB weight, the PS4 version 4.07 has recently been made available for gamers on the PlayStation Network. Its patch notes reveal that the update is intended to make the PS4 system more stable.

"This system software update improves the quality of the system performance," read the patch notes of the PS4 version 4.07. It means that only a few changes will be seen on the game.

The notes for the recent 4.07 update is said to be almost similar to the 4.05 and 4.06 versions. Minimal changes has been expected from Sony since it does not usually drop major features during the holiday season.

Last September was probably the last time PS4 received a significant update in the 4.00 version. This introduced a new design for the menus and also provided gamers with folders to manage their applications and games.

 PlayStation Plus games for December 2016  

However, there is still some good news for PS4 players as the PlayStation Plus games for December 2016 has also gone live with a great list of games available for the video gaming world. Some of the top games included are "Invisible Inc." and "Stories: The Path of Destinies."

Other available games are Tiny Troopers Join Ops for the PlayStation 3 and HyperVoid for the PS4. Meanwhile, PlayStation Vita owners can enjoy Colour Guardians. The good news is PS4 players can play all titles because of the cross play feature of the console.

These PS4 offerings are expected to remain live for players to grab and experience until January 3. Did you like the latest PlayStation Plus December 2016 games?

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