NES Classic Edition VS. Famicom Mini: Which One to Buy for Christmas; Available at Best Buy Beginning December 20

By Olivia Cavallaro , Updated Dec 11, 2016 06:35 AM EST

Last month, the NES Classic Edition took the world by storm by pulling our heartstrings and reminding us of our childhood. It immediately sold out in most retailers, including Urban Outfitters most recently. The mini console isn't the first to serve up nostalgia with awesome '80s and '90s games, though. There's the RetroEngine, and in Japan, the Famicom Mini. Here's which one you should buy this Christmas.

For those who are still looking to purchase the NES Classic Edition, know that it will be available at Best Buy beginning December 20, as per CNET. The mini console is packed with 30 favorite games from the 1980s and 1990s and costs only $60. It's also being resold for copious amounts of money, and these resellers are taking advantage of those who haven't been able to buy one yet. Don't fear though, as the NES Classic Edition is coming back to Best Buy beginning December 20.

Apparently, some Best Buy clients have received an email saying that the NES Classic Edition will be restocked and will be available beginning December 20. Interested buyers must note, however, that the store will have limited quantities and that the NES Classic Edition will be available in-store only. In the meantime, gamers can also check out the Famicom Mini, which gained popularity way before the NES did.

According to Forbes, the Famicom Mini is a great alternative to the elusive NES Classic Mini. It also comes with 30 games and can also be plugged into a regular TV that's equipped with an HDMI. Note, however, that since this is a smaller version of the Family Computer, its pads are smaller too, so it may be a bit uncomfortable to play.

The Famicom Mini features store save states and enables gamers to display games in three ways, such as pixel perfect, 4:3, and original. The original display adds a nostalgic touch, as it displays the game as it would appear on a CRT display. Just like the NES Classic Edition, however, the Famicom Mini is also sold in limited quantities. So if you're looking to purchase one, head over to Play Asia. For those who are still looking for a NES Classic Edition, head over to Best Buy early on December 20.

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