Nintendo Mini NES Stock News & Update: Smyths, Argos, & Toys R' Us To Sell Mini NES in 2017 & ThinkGeek Lottery

By Arah TJ , Updated Dec 14, 2016 08:10 PM EST

The latest Nintendo Mini NES stock news and update may bring disappoint to Nintendo fans. The United Kingdom retailers Argos, and Toys R' Us are no longer listing the Mini NES, while Smyths will re-stock and sell Mini NES in 2017.

It is not new anymore to read news about Mini NES shortage. The classic-themed console has been lacking supply since it was launched.

On Smyths' website, it shows that it lists Nintendo Classic Mini as TBC 2017. Typing keyword Nintendo Classic Mini in their search box, it will direct you to different pages on the website, according to Express UK.

Don't be sad. There are still retailers selling Nintendo Mini NES. For those are truly want to get Mini NES this holiday season, better check Amazon Video Games. The online retailer announced via Twitter that it well Mini NES soon.

ThinkGeek is holding a lottery every week. It actually started on Monday, Dec. 12.

How to join ThinkGeek Nintendo Mini NES lottery?

The first step is to create own account on ThinkGeek. After that, find Mini NES and click "Wish List" button.

ThinkGeek will randomly select batches who created accounts and add Mini NES in their wish list. Lucky batches will receive an email that contains a unique code and a link that will direct you to buy the console.

The code will only last for 24 hours. For those who were not chosen, they can still join the next lottery by adding Mini NES again in their wish list.

ThinkGeek plans to hold a lottery every week and choose the lucky batches, according to Polygon. Lucky winners will get the console for $60. Click this link to join and create ThinkGeek account .

Why people are crazy to get the NES Classic Edition?

Mini NES priced for $60 and it comes pre-loaded with 30 classic Nintendo games like "Super Mario Bros.," :The Legend Of Zelda and Metroid." The console and its games probably bring nostalgia that's why it is an ideal gift for special someone or a gift for yourself.

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