'Pokemon Go' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Save Up Candies To Evolve Generation 1 Pokemons Into Generation 2 Pokemons Rather Than Catching One

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 11, 2016 08:55 PM EST

"Pokemon Go" will be releasing its new generation of Pokemon tomorrow. Now, players should stock up on some candies because they will surely need this to evolve Pokemon into the Generation 2 Pokemon. Scyther can evolve into Scizor, which is a generation 2 Pokemon.

Players know that candies can be obtained when capturing a wild Pokemon or sending some caught ones to Professor Willow. This is the best method to obtain generation 2 Pokemon rather than venturing outside to find it. It will save a great deal of effort when players have the Pokemon with a possible generation 2 evolution and evolve it using the accumulated candies and stardust.

Capturing the same Pokemon and sending it to the Professor

"Pokemon Go" focuses mainly on capturing every Pokemon that the player encounters, considering that they have enough number of Pokeballs that can be used to capture. Now, if players think that capturing the same Pokemon is boring, they should think again.

Every Pokemon captured grants the player bonus and some candy. What is a candy and how it is used? The use of a candy, which is specified with a name for the Pokemon can be used to either strengthen or evolve a Pokemon. Sending Pokemon caught to Professor Willow is a must to obtain candies and other items.

The upcoming update is almost there

Furthermore, the update that contains generation 2 Pokemon is almost there and will come tomorrow. "Pokemon Go" will have another reason why players should go out and catch some Pokemon for candies and the wild Pokemon itself. The candies accumulated will be used to evolve a Pokemon into a generation 2 Pokemon, rather than venturing outside and using much effort to find a generation 2 Pokemon.

In addition, there are also theories why these candies are a mystery and its origins remain unsolved. Nevertheless, these candies are a great help to obtain the next generation Pokemon in "Pokemon Go."


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