How The Galaxy Note 8 Can Be A Big Hit Next Year: Rumors & Expectations

By Ten L. , Updated Dec 11, 2016 07:25 PM EST

The Galaxy Note 7 might have been a literal and figurative disaster, but this doesn't mean that the Samsung Note brand is doomed to fail. Apparently, despite the Galaxy Note 7 controversy, the phablet line is still embraced by the consumers. If you haven't heard about it, Samsung has to go the extra mile to have people return their Note 7. As reported, there are still quite a number of Note 7 buyers who rebel on Samsung and refuse to return their recalled devices. This only means that the Note series is quite an irreplaceable phone model. This also means that the Galaxy Note 8 can be one big hit come 2017.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 December Recall Extension

For the nth time, Samsung encourages all Note 7 owners to return their phones. Right now, the company goes beyond polite asking and simply goes ahead and limit the Note 7 devices from charging to a full hundred percent. On top of that, Samsung will also ban Note 7 phones from network providers. This may or may not be applicable to all locations and carriers but this is clearly Samsung's most stern step yet in connection to the recall.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rumors

As of now, the only confirmed thing about the next Note phablet is that it isn't cancelled. As for its specs and features, not a lot has leaked. This is pretty understandable though since Samsung's next release is the Galaxy S8, so the limelight is still in its regular flagship. One thing is for sure about the Galaxy Note 8 though, it will be a top smartphone of choice for everyone who were reluctant to return their Note 7. The amount of rants the web has seen when Samsung recalled the Note 7 is pretty considerable.

This only means that there are people are not happy with the discontinuation of the recent Note. Undeniably, there isn't a lot of brands and models that can easily replace the Note 7 as a premium phablet. Going back to the Note 5 isn't exactly a welcome idea since most of its users say that the said Note has missed a lot of things and that the Note 4 was a better release. Needless to say, right now the Note 4 is an even unwelcome suggestion considering that it is too outdated. It's clearly the Galaxy Note 8 that can feed the consumers' hunger for a premium phablet.

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