'Super Mario Run' Latest News & Update: Nintendo Requires Internet Connection to Play the Newest Mario

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Dec 12, 2016 05:10 AM EST

"Super Mario Run" is unleashing on iOS this Thursday, December 15th and gamers are getting excited. Oh wait - the game requires internet connection so don't get too hooked. Nintendo is not going to unleash their biggest ace without fencing it against prevalent game piracy.

While most of present-day gamers can attest that "Super Mario Run" is a testament of what constant development can do in a character, maintaining such status is no easy feat. Nintendo intends to keep it that way and though internet connection comes hand in hand with mobile devices, it is still a prerequisite that raised eyebrows.

"Super Mario Run" is invading a platform other than Nintendo and this is something unprecedented, as discussed here at GameNGuide. Gamers can't blame the tech giant if they opt to be overly protective in guiding "Super Mario Run" in its infancy. The game requires the same internet connectivity once it unleashes on other platforms like Android as well.

Shigeru Miyamoto admitted that piracy is also the culprit behind "Super Mario Run" decision not to include Android at launch. It is just that iPhone are as notorious as Nintendo when it comes to anti-piracy antics. Android, on the other hand needs a bit of polishing and "Super Mario Run" is trying to make every loose ends meet, Marshable reported.

While "Super Mario Run" chose the ethos of "internet or no game," there are still few gamers who might feel outcast. They are the breed of players who love to pitch in conspiracy theory behind Nintendo's requirement. Could it be possible for iPhone to have bought a premium version of "Super Mario Run?" It can be argued that any Mario, super or not will lift premium devices like iPhone.

At any rate, it might be injustice for "Super Mario Run" to suffer too many negativities while we haven't yet glimpsed the game itself. Wait until Thursday probably?

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