'Frozen 2' Air Date, News, Spoilers & Update: "Frozen" Airs On TV For Holidays? 'Moana 2' Prevails Over Elsa? Full Details Here!

By Marrianne Salvador ledesma , Updated Dec 12, 2016 01:12 PM EST

"Frozen" is such a hit and "Let it Go" really has become a global hit as well. Now, even though reports have it that "Frozen 2" might not happen anytime soon, one thing is for sure "Frozen" will be airing on Holidays on as a TV show!

According to Broadway World "Frozen" is not making its network TV premiere on ABC-TV's "Wonderful World of Disney" this December 11 at 8pm ET. After this is the "The Making of Frozen: A Return to Arendelle" at 10:04 PM ET. AV Club reports ,along with "Frozen" are other favorite cartoons such as "The Simpson" on Fox at 8pm, "The Dick Van Dyke Show: Now In Living Colors" on CBS at 9pm.Other finales and premiers are also expected to air for this Holiday season so viewers should be excited to lay back , relax and turn the TV on.

On the other hand, it is reported that Alan Tudyk is to come back on "Frozen 2" if it will be released. It is however yet to be unfolded which character Alan Tudyk is to perform. There are also speculations that Elsa will end up with a king and that her father will be found alive somewhere in a far away island. Elsa's father is said to make his way back to the palace though the guards will throw him out not recognizing him in "Frozen 2". Disney is yet to reveal whether they will have "Frozen 2" or will just focusing on creating "Moana 2". It is a fact that "Moana" has defeated "Frozen" in terms of statistics and profits in some ways or the other.

According to Deadline, "Moana" already beat "Frozen" in terms of profit since "Moana" opened with $15.68M while "Frozen" only had $15.1.M. "Moana" topped the chart with $55.5M over "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find It" having $45. 1 M recorded sales on the five-day Thanksgiving holiday. It is said that the profits of "Moana" did outweigh that of "Frozen", which is enough to make Disney rethink about doing "Frozen 2" .Certainly, fans of "Frozen" are all excited about what Disney has in store for them. Do you think "Moana" is better than "Frozen"? Share your thoughts below! Stay tuned for more of your "Frozen 2" and "Moana 2" updates!

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