Conan O' Brien And Terry Crews Play 'Battlefield 1' On 'Clueless Gamer'

By Michael Augustin , Updated Dec 12, 2016 07:33 AM EST

Conan O' Brien gets together with Terry Crews to play "Battlefield 1." In previous episodes of Clueless Gamer, Conan has always seemed bored and unexcited to play some of the games they featured. However, this episode shows him quite enthusiastic to get some playtime with the game. Crews takes the first swing at the game with Conan cheering him on.

The video starts with Conan O' Brien as he says that he wants to play with "someone fun" and who "knows the game a little bit." Terry Crews then recalls the only time he considered himself a gamer was when he built a PC for his son. In a previous report by The Verge , Crews had the internet help him build a gaming rig for his boy. According to Digital Trends, Conan claims that he is interested in the game due to his knowledge about history. He quips that he would look for the "smallest mistake these guys make," obviously referring to the game company DICE and EA sports.

As the show progresses Conan O' Brien makes a joke about the ongoing battle on-screen. He says "this is what we're gonna look like six months into a Trump presidency." Towards the middle of the show, Conan tells Terry Crews that he brought him to play the game due to him being a "relentlessly positive person," but the actor looks him in the eye and says "we're all gonna die." The talk show host then expresses his melancholy and asks for something to cheer them up. They end up getting a "Bunny Break" where the duo are seen petting cute little bunnies.

Later in the video, Terry Crews shoots down a tree during a firefight, which triggers a joke scene showing when the tree was born and when it died. The game usually shows the name, year of birth and death whenever a player's character dies. The show ends with Conan O' Brien endorsing the game saying "you gotta get this game" and hugging Crews.

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