'Final Fantasy XV' Online Multiplayer And Update Roadmap Revealed

By Michael Augustin , Updated Dec 08, 2016 11:02 AM EST

A lot of gamers have already finished "Final Fantasy XV." Secret boss fights and missions have all been uncovered. Special weapons and items have all been unlocked and obtained. It's apparent that fans still want more from the game. The 10-year wait for this game still has players demand more content. It appears Square Enix already has something planned for fans.

Square Enix's Hajime Tabata shared their "update roadmap" for "Final Fantasy XV." Siliconera indicates that the game's director divided the roadmap into three parts. The overall goal of the company is to apparently enhance the experience players get when they play the hit RPG. Tabata also states that the all the staff members who worked on the game extend their gratefulness. They expressed their appreciation for the continued support from fans for the game and for the "Final Fantasy" series itself.

"Final Fantasy XV" short-term goal

 Tabata shares that they want to focus on the player's gratification for the game's chapter 13. A lot of unhappy gamers reportedly their expressed their distaste for this particular part of the game. Kotaku points out the chapter "drags on for far too long," which makes it logical for the company to change it up. The director they will announce the enhancements at a later date.

"Final Fantasy XV" mid-term goal

Square Enix wants to further expand on the game's story. A lot of missing plot information has caused players to question stuff like Ravus' eventual fate. The company plans to more event scenes, which would obviously require more voiceovers and localization for different markets. This would allow fans to get more out of the story and understand the character's motivations.

"Final Fantasy XV" long-term goal

The game's director projects a future update to allow key characters in the game to become playable. He also expressed an idea to integrate an avatar system to have players create an original character to use in the game.

One of the game's future DLC content called "Final Fantasy XV Online Expansion Pack: Brother in Arms" seems interesting. This could be the rumored update that will allow a group of players to control each of the four protagonists. Gamers who have completed the RPG appear to have more content on the way in the near future.

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