PSN Accounts Hacked, FIFA 14 Trading Cards Thought to Be Behind Compromised Information

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Dec 05, 2013 02:29 PM EST

The PlayStation Network is facing problems, again. This time it seems like the matter is far more serious as a numbers of users on Reddit are complaining that their PSN accounts are being charged without their consent or knowledge, with the medium being the recently released FIFA 14.

There are numerous reports flowing in about how users are seeing transactions being made even when they never opted for it in the first place, with one user even complaining that he received notifications of transactions being made via his PSN account even when his console was switched off.

While a number of users have already started scribbling similar issues related to their personal PSN accounts, it seems like the problems are originating with respect to FIFA 14’s trading cards.

Accordingly, when a user complained that $135 was added to his wallet funds in 2 minutes randomly and without his consent, another user explained: “Yeah looks like someone got a hold of your password. This happened to me on my 360. And of course it was also because of Fifa. That game is behind a large quantity of these unauthorized charges.”

“All because of the trading cards or whatever it is in the game that you can buy with real money. Change password to something really complex, don't use it anywhere else and maybe even change the email associated if you can,” he added.

Another user, although on a different console, also complained: “Something similar happened to me on Xbox 360, was charged $135 and they bought FIFA and season pass and c**p. Microsoft cleared it all but it took 3 weeks and they temporarily closed my account during their investigation.”

However, it was revealed via the same thread that, apparently, someone tried to get a more solid answer from Sony to know exactly what was going on. The user stated that he was on phone with a PSN rep.

“He basically said that my money will be refunded with 5-7 business days but it does work on a case-by-case basis. I asked if they've experienced a lot of compromised accounts and he said that they've had a few of these happen recently. Let's hope it's not a widespread issue.”

“My advice, change your password to something with a stronger complexity. Capital, lowercase, number and symbol,” he added.

The new problem with PSN has arrived after it was previously announced by Sony that the company would issue password resets with any hesitations if the company detects any irregular activity on PSN accounts.

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