'Atelier Firis' Latest News & Update: DLC Includes New Character, Costumes For Firis, Sophie & Other Characters With Patch In Japan

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 12, 2016 06:46 PM EST

"Atelier Firis" is coming soon in the West and is already release in Japan. The main elements from the old Atelier series such an Atelier Marie and Atelier Ellie were brought back including the undying battle system.

However, the thing that makes the said game amazing is not only the 3D feature but also the newer mechanics in the game such as material gathering and battle. The new battle system paves its way among Atelier series fans because it is unique compared to older versions. The new DLC will arrive in Japan on December 16 and fans get a preview of what is inside it.

A peek inside the DLC and how much it costs

The downloadable content [DLC] for "Atelier Firis" contains the following: costumes for the characters including Firis, a new character named Heinz Freihorn, and a patch that is for free. Now, the new character, Heinz is not just an ordinary DLC character, but he also has a background story and why he chose to set out with Firis. His family lives on by tending to the monsters as livestock.

However, Heinz wants to have stronger monsters as his livestock to improve the family business. So, he set out to find stronger monsters. Heinz's dream is to have stronger monsters as livestock, thus, his journey starts by helping Firis. This DLC costs 756 yen [about 7 dollars], bought separately.

Cute costumes for the girls including the main character

Another one is the costumes for the girls including "Atelier Firis." Girls will have a bikini outfit that matches their cuteness and sexiness. This will also serve as fan service. Now, the costumes only costs about $2 [200 yen] each and DLC set number 1 costs about 1080 yen. Based on a post from Gematsu, the reveals of the whole costumes are a worth buy. "Atelier Firis" will be released in the early Spring next year for the West.

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