'The Last of Us' News & Update: Naughty Dog's Patch 1.08 Features Improved Frame Rates, But Loses Super Sampling

By Olivia Cavallaro , Updated Dec 12, 2016 10:07 AM EST

Earlier this month, Naughty Dog released Patch 1.08 for "The Last of Us," offering HDR support for PlayStation Pro gamers. Of course, fans were quick to grab the update for an improved gaming experience. However, while Naughty Dog's Patch 1.08 features improved frame rates, it also loses super sampling.

The news comes via VG247, which reports that there are some downsides to the new update of "The Last of Us." In fact, while Naughty Dog's Patch 1.08 features improved frame rates, the aliasing at 1080p becomes very blatant and the high quality shadows in the game become problematic.

Eurogamer spoke with Naughty Dog senior communications manager Scott Lowe recently to talk about Patch 1.08. Lowe explained that the update featured "bug fixes and optimisations that will ensure a consistent and high level of performance on the PS4 Pro." However, "The Last of Us" users who are playing on 1080p displays are lose super sampling on 60fps and 30fps modes. The most frustrating part of it all for gamers is that the 30fps mode used to not have any problems when it comes to performance.

Now that Naughty Dog's Patch 1.08 features improved frame rates, will gamers go on and install it knowing that there are downsides to the update? Some have become hesitant to install Patch 1.08 given the performance issues that continue to plague "The Last of Us."

Of course, there are benefits to Naughty Dog's Patch 1.08. There's the improved experience and new gameplay mode. But those who want to enjoy the full benefits of 1080p HD displays in "The Last of Us" will have to wait for further adjustments and bug fixes, given that Patch 1.08 itself has some problems.

Now is a crucial time for "The Last of Us" fans and gamers, as the sequel was recently announced. Many are replaying the game for nostalgia's sake and to relive the glory of the award-winning game. "The Last of Us 2" does not have a release date attached to it yet.

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