'Pokemon GO' Latest News & Update : Unexpected Bug Turns Buddy Monsters Into Giant?

By Beverly V. , Updated Dec 12, 2016 08:55 PM EST

''Pokemon GO''players appears to have found another glitch in the game's most recent upgrade. Players see their Pokemon pal all of a sudden turn into a giant for a moment. What's more, despite the fact that this bug is unexpected, players are very satisfied and messing around with it.

As indicated by from the players that have tweeted about the glitch, "Pokemon Go" players who click their profile will see their Pokemon pal change into an immense Pokemon. Notwithstanding, the change happens for a millisecond which strangely frustrates the players. Everybody is by all accounts appreciating the snappy size change of their Pokemon. "Having a ton of fun with this bug right now..." said by one player via Twitter.  

Sadly, the "Pokemon Go" detail does not increment or change like its size and this is presumably the main thing that disheartens the clients about the glitch. "So stunned to see it on the radar when I simply open the application. However, the cap is still meh." Said another client on Twitter.  

Starting today, Niantic Labs have not yet released any announcement about the bug. Keeping in mind the following overhaul has not yet arrived, everybody is exploiting the clever glitch and posting a screenshot of their creature estimate Pokemon mate. Since the bug shows up for a brief instant, players are experiencing considerable difficulties in it however ,nobody is surrendering.

Upon the arrival of ''Pokemon GO'', the game rapidly turned into the most downloaded diversion on both iOS App Store and Google Play in its first week. It has beaten Clash Royale and has been introduced to 5% of all Android phones in just only 2 days of release. Before the end of its first week, it has as of now came to more than 10 million clients that have developed to 15 million following a month.

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