Airpods Latest, News & Update: Apple CEO Tim Cook Confirms Release Date? How Much Will The Wireless Headphones Cost?

By Jason Glenn , Updated Dec 12, 2016 08:05 PM EST

Since the release of Apple's iPhone 7, the AirPods has been made quite an impression to consumers. The wireless earphones are an added cost to iPhone 7 users since it's sold separately. The AirPods leave a lot of questions to the consumers: how much will it cost? when will it be released? Is it worth buying?

The Apple AirPods is reported to arrive in UK where the Apple CEO, Tim Cook allegedly disclosed the release date of the wireless earphones to a customer through an email. Mac World reports that the Aipods will cost around £159 in the U.K. and cost the same amount in dollars when it will be released. Considering the currency conversion rate, the price is a bit unfair to the U.K. consumers.

Apple Airpods has a unique and convenient way for consumers to listen to music without the tangly wires and renders the 3.5mm headphone jack obsolete. However, the Airpods are Bluetooth generated which can be used across other iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices.

The Airpods was announce together with the iPhone 7 and was rumored to be released in mid-November but up until now there has been no announcement from Apple. This leads that the Aipods will be released sooner next year, 2017 which hopefully it will be announced in January by Apple.

A frustrated fan of Apple sent an email to the Apple CEO Tim Cook asking about the release date of the wireless headphone, the consumer addresses the CEO that he is having second thoughts in buying the Airpods. "Thank you for your note. Sorry for the delay---we are finalizing them and I anticipate we will begin to ship over the next few weeks," said Tim Cook, who wrote the reply himself.

MacRumours were able to verify the email's header that it truly came from the Apple Company's servers and it is also said that Tim Cook is known to reply to costumers. Which we can all conclude that "the next few weeks" means it come out right on time for Christmas or later this month.

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