'Max Payne 4' Release Date, News, & Update: Improved Bullet Time, Better Graphics For New Installment?

By MJ Dailo , Updated Dec 13, 2016 05:40 AM EST

Since it has been years since the release of "Max Payne 3," there is a lot of excitement for what the next installment will bring. With that, fans are hoping to see a lot of interesting new additions for "Max Payne 4."

With Remedy Entertainment and Rockstar Studios as the developers, the "Max Payne" franchise is well-loved by fans, as it presents a third-person shooting game with an intriguing narrative. However, there has yet to be any news regarding what "Max Payne 4" will present and fans have pointed out their opinions on what should be improved for the new installment.

One improvement that fans are looking forward to is an enhanced Bullet Time. In every installment, the developers find a way to make Bullet Time better. Those who played the previous installment of the game series are aware that Bullet Time is a way to give Max Payne a few seconds to kill an enemy before experiencing death. With that, there is a lot of hope for "Max Payne 4" to bring a better version of the Bullet Time.

Aside from that, there are also some technical aspects that need improvement. In the upcoming "Max Payne 4," there is a lot of hope for the graphics to be enhanced. The past installment used Rockstar Advanced Game Engine as well as the Euphoria Dynamic Animate Engine. While the software developed realistic elements, there is still a lot of expectations for "Max Payne 4" to bring the graphics to a whole new level.

Unfortuantely, there is still no news officially announcing Rockstar's intention of making "Max Payne 4." Many are hoping that there will be a new installment, since the past titles of the franchise were well-acclaimed by fans. The last "Max Payne" game was released in 2012 and based on release date patterns and speculations, it could be a long ten-year wait from the last installment.

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