'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers, News & Update: Goku Set to Die Again; How Will the Hero's Impending Death Affect the Series as a Whole?

By Astrid Cho , Updated Dec 13, 2016 06:39 AM EST

Fans of "Dragon Ball Super" are expected to get emotional soon. Spoilers for chapter 71 and 72 reveal that Goku will be killed by infamous hit man Hit. Some fans believe that getting rid of Goku will not play well for the series.

Goku has already been killed twice in the previous installments of the franchise. The first death occurred during his earlier days when he battled Raditz. The second and more painful death came when he fought against Cell. If he gets killed off and will not be revived in "Dragon Ball Super," it could mean fewer fans for the hit franchise.

When Goku was killed off during the Cell Saga, it was a deeply emotional moment for "Dragon Ball" fans. Even when he died in the hands of Raditz, fans were also ballistic. This time, it is speculated that more fans will be raging if Goku dies by Hit's hands. For numerous fans, Goku is a central being not just in the previous installments in the series but also in "Dragon Ball Super."

Previews for the upcoming "Dragon Ball Super" episodes have emerged online. Fans have been commenting on the videos. Most iterate that it isn't a good idea at all to remove Goku from the story while others suggest that it could pave the way for better changes in the series.

Other loyal followers of the "Dragon Ball" franchise pointed out that if Hit kills Goku, this would be the first time he is killed off in such a non-sacrificial way. Goku's previous two deaths all happened for the sake of the people he loved. This time, it's pure vengeance from Hit's side that could turn the "Dragon Ball Super" universe upside down.

Despite the chaos in the "Dragon Ball" world as episode 71 approaches, some fans believe that Goku's death will not happen in "Dragon Ball Super." It is said that he will be revived shortly by the Dragon Balls and will bounce back to defeat Hit.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 71 is expected to air December 18th. Stay tuned for more updates on the looming death that haunts the "DB" world these days.

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