'Final Fantasy XV' Guide, Tips & Tricks: Cheats To Make More Money On This RPG Games

By Muhammad Firman Akhsanu Ridho , Updated Dec 12, 2016 07:07 PM EST

"Final Fantasy XV" is the new version of Square Enix's acclaimed RPG, released for Xbox One and PS4. With high quality graphics, a huge map and over activities for players, the game is packed with tricks, strategies and secrets. Noctis took 10 years to grow, says producer of "Final Fantasy XV" Dubbed "Gil," the game's money allows players to buy items and hire important services to continue the main campaign. Here are steps that makes player get a lot of money in the game:

Hunting Contracts
It is very common at road stops, gas stations and restaurants, hunting contracts have been available since the beginning of the game. They are easy to make and can yield good amounts of money for your group in "Final Fantasy XV." Be sure to consult the characters with a yellow "?" Under their heads. In general, just get rid of some creatures nearby to secure your reward, and eventually even some items.

Sell Rare Items

When going through the scenarios of "Final Fantasy XV" it is possible to find dozens of items. In addition to potions and other useful options for battle, several valuable items can also be obtained, and sold in various establishments of the game. After checking the description of the item, simply select them in the to sell. That way it will be easier to put together good amounts of money to invest in items or services that are most important to your campaign progress.

Special Sidequests

In addition to the main campaign missions, "Final Fantasy XV" has hundreds of side quests, which, in addition to good XP bonuses, guarantee good amounts of money for the characters. Before starting a secondary mission, you can check in the right part of the screen the values awarded after completing the mission. Check out the numbers and accumulate sidequests to get high amounts of money and XP quickly without having too much work.
Carrot Harvest

If players find carrot seeds in player's inventory, do not think twice before planting them. After a full day, just pick up the items and sell them to the characters in the game, who can pay no less than 500 GILs for the valuable vegetables. One of Noctis 'three faithful comrades, Prompto is the group's photography expert, and can do much more than his colleagues' records during the adventure. Some NPCs offer jobs to the character in "Final Fantasy XV", who can get lots of money by moving to certain points and photographing objects or events. Just go through the missions, go to the place marked on the map with the group car and take Prompt to the target of the photos. Then just go back to the contractor to deliver the pictures and collect the reward.

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