"Tekken 7" News & Update: Kuma & Panda Will Be Part Of The Next Series!

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Dec 13, 2016 06:18 AM EST

Yesterday, fans of Kuma and Panda's action "Tekken" received an early Christmas gift when the producer of the series announced that both Kuma and Panda will be part of the next series "Tekken 7." Also, fans can now join their forces and fight in an Online Tournament which will be organized in the next year.

According to Polygon, Kuma is in love with Panda, and they both will be part of the roster on “Tekken 7” which will come out next year. The announcement was made at the King Of Iron Fist 2016 Grand Finals in Tokyo. The producer, Katsuhiro Harada said the two characters will be well-defined, unmistakable with their own move sets and Rage Arts. Also, the producer Harada said there will be “Tekken 7” online tournament mode where fans can participate in bracketed competitors with single as well as double-elimination options available.

The home version of “Tekken 7” will be released next year. In case somebody does not know how Kuma fit into the backstory of “Tekken”, Heihachi managed to teach him some Japanese and train his in the martial art as well, Forbes reports. When it comes to Panda, she is the love of Kuma’s life, but it appears unfortunately, she has no interest in him. Both of them were included in “Tekken 7: Fated Retribution” in Japan and new they are coming to the home release of the game next year.

Crunchyroll reports that both Kuma and Panda are returning and bringing more of their ridiculous action. Now with the announcement the producer made, people from all around the world are eager to join the Online Tournament and to play one against another.  Those who want to watch will be allowed to spectate and chat with other people who are also spectating.

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