Star Wars News: Science Tells Us What Lightsabers Are Made Of

By Flo Maxino , Updated Dec 13, 2016 12:50 PM EST

Since Rogue One is coming up, Star Wars is gathering a lot of buzz. Even with all its fame, people still find ways to explain what was thought of as unexplainable: the Lightsabers.

The Star Wars franchise has gathered fans young and old as it has been around for almost five decades. Especially with the recent installments of the movie, it will stay longer. It is its mesmerizing sets, locations, storylines, and weaponry that just leaves fans and viewers in awe. When watching the Star Wars, one might find himself hovering at the edge of his seat.

 One of the most iconic weapons and objects in the franchise are the Lightsabers. Lightsabers are the glowing sword-like weapons in Star Wars. Since Star Wars is fictional, not many gave the weapon much thought. But right now, Science explains Lightsabers, signifying that indeed this weapon can be considered as realistic.

Kyle Hill, a Science writer and communicator, talks about the chemical composition of each Lightsaber. He states that the secret to what the Lightsabers are made of are in their color. We all know that in the Star Wars Universe, Lightsabers have different colors depending on their owners and their allegiance. Some (even George Lucas) believed that Lightsabers are made of laser. Laser, however, cannot be seen by the naked eye and because Lightsabers glow and can be seen, that kills the theory of the weapons being composed of lasers.

There are three qualities that Lighsabers should have in order for it to match the movie's version of the weapon. It should be hot; it should glow; and it should be able to take on different colors. The closest and most logical thing that fits this description is plasma. The plasma that can be seen in neon lights. Now, the next part is the different colors according to Star Wars.

Neon, the glowing light that can be seen in sign boards, also mainly compose this weapon's blade. Neon is the cause of the color to change red. This means that most of the Siths had Neon-based Lightsabers. With this argument, blue Lightsabers are based on Xenon, green Lightsabers are based on Mercury vapor, and violet Lighsabers are based on Argon.

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