'League of Legends' Tips, Tricks, Latest News & Update: 'LOL' Free Piltover Icon; How To Acquire

By Yang Llaneza , Updated Dec 14, 2016 12:10 AM EST

"League of Legends" is giving away to fans a free Piltover Icon. Here are the steps players must do to obtain it.

What Is The Piltover Icon?

If you are a huge fan of League of Legends, you should have heard of this humble place called Piltover. It is a cultural hub where the opulent of Valoran head to mingle and live. It is a place where anybody can make riches or die trying. In addition, the place is the home of the premium sheriffs on the side of good, Vi and Caitlyn, along with pretty boys Jayce and Ezreal.

Piltover is still reinventing itself as a city where affluence can be created and dreams can be lived. Flourishing business circles fund development in the most implausible undertakings: esoteric hextech research, grand artistic follies, and architectural shrines to their power. With ever-growing scientists delving into the developing folklore of hextech, Piltover has become a lodestone for the most skilled artisans the world over.

"League of Legends" Tips: How To Get The Piltover Icon

Visit the Piltover page, you can read bios for all of the township's champions and even get yourself a stylish Piltover icon. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the icon. The icon must be added to your profile by Dec. 27. If in case, the icon is not added, simply submit a ticket to Riot and they will assist you. Players have until midnight of Dec. 13 at Eastern Standard Time to get the icon. For an icon grabbing fan, receiving a free piece for their collection is always a turn on, says a post on Reddit.

Take note that to register for your icon, make sure that this site's URL, for region and language, parallels your account's server region. If you are outside the NA area, this promotion will not work. To avail this, you have to find your specific region listed and then just follow the same steps.

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