PlayStation 4's Killzone: Shadow Fall is the Best Selling Next-Gen Exclusive

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Dec 13, 2013 01:22 PM EST

Call of Duty: Ghosts may be the overall top dog (for November at least), thanks to its multi-platform availability on current and next-gen systems, but let's talk turkey with regards to Xbox One and PS4 exclusives. What's the most popular game, Ryse: Son of Rome, Forza Motorsport 5, Resogun? None of the above actually. According to a leak from the NPD reporters, courtesy of a NeoGAF poster, the best selling next-generation exclusive is none other than the PlayStation 4's own Killzone: Shadow Fall.

According to CreamSugar's shorthand, the FPS hit the top of the list with 270,000 sales, followed by Xbox One's Dead Rising 3 with 220,000, and managed to also outsell Ryse and Forza Motorsport 5 as well. The fact that the PS4 had a head start, launching a full week ahead of Microsoft's Xbox One in North America, is a likely reason for the higher number of sales. However, the game similarly outperformed a number of Xbox One exclusives when the PlayStation 4 launched in the U.K., nearly a week after the Xbox One's launch.

According to charts from GFK Chart-Track, Killzone: Shadow Fall was a Top 10 performer in sales for the two weeks following the PS4's launch in the area. In the first week, Killzone was at 4. In the second, it was down to 9, but still above any other next-gen exclusive.

Early reviews for the game were mostly positive, the standout feature being how visually appealing it was, which is apparently a great motivator in terms of sales. The game's campaign was unfortunately less than satisfactory, but Guerilla Games has been working steadily at improving the game as much as possible.

As ExpansiveDLC pointed out, a new update for the game has just arrived: "Coming in at a respectable 83mb, the update briefly indicates that it fixes in-game stability. Assumedly, this is for both the single and multiplayer portions of Shadowfall (as both aspects of the game have been a bit shaky at best) but it's nice to know that Sony and Guerilla are continuing to refine the Killzone: Shadow Fall experience."

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