Nintendo Switch Release Date, News & Update: Nintendo Unveils January Presentation Details; Gamecube Games ‘Animal Crossing’ And More Coming To Switch?

By RG Ferrer , Updated Dec 13, 2016 10:00 AM EST

With the upcoming release of the Nintendo Switch, more details about the console and its potential games are being revealed. Latest gaming speculation hinted of several Gamecube titles such as "Animal Crossing" being ported to Nintendo's new device.

The Switch may be one of the highly-anticipated gaming consoles to be released by Nintendo. With a unique feature that could turn many titles into a mobile game, several gaming studios and developers have expressed their support for the said device.

Recently, gaming speculations teased of Nintendo's plans to port some of the beloved Gamecube games to the Switch. Some of these games include "Animal Crossing," as well as several titles from the classic "Mario" franchise, according to Express.

The 2002 Gamecube game "Super Mario Sunshine" might be ported to Nintendo's upcoming console. Apart from the said "Mario" game, "Luigi's Mansion" and "Super Smash Bros. Melee" may also be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Meanwhile, From Software's "Dark Souls" trilogy is rumored to get a ported version for Nintendo's hybrid console. Other Switch-exclusive games include the role-playing game "Seasons of Heaven," as well as "Sacred Hero."

THQ Nordic Games is also set to develop and release titles for the Nintendo Switch. Some of the speculated games that may be ported to the upcoming device include the "Sphinx and the Curse Mummy."

In other news, Nintendo recently announced details of its upcoming January presentation that will showcase the gaming company's new console. In a statement, as obtained by VG247, the Japanese-based firm revealed that the upcoming "Nintendo Switch Presentation" will be streamed live from Tokyo via the company's website on Jan. 13, 2017.

Nintendo did not disclose what it plans to present, however, many are expecting the company to unveil the device's specifications, launch plans and price. Several gamers are also hoping to learn about the gaming titles that will be released in time with the Nintendo Switch launch.

The Nintendo Switch is expected for release in March 2017. Learn more about the console in the clip below:

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