'A Centaur's Worries' Season 1 Release Date, News & Updates: Anime Adaptation Announced in 14th Volume of Manga

By Ruffy , Updated Dec 14, 2016 12:25 AM EST

It has been announced recently that the manga series by Ryu Comics, "Centaur in Nayami" or better known in English as "A Centaur's Worries" will have an animated adaptation. The announcement was seen in the fourteenth volume of the manga and that the production phase of the anime may have already begun.

According to reports, "A Centaur's Worries" will be having an adaptation, but its release date is still not known. Also, it is still unclear if the adaptation will be presented in a film, animated series or an OVA format. The project was hinted in the latest volume of the manga series, but so far, those are the details that were revealed for the adaptation.

"A Centaur's Worries" was created by Kei Murayama and the first chapter of the series was released back in Feb. 2011. The manga is also under the publication, Tokuma Shoten's Monthly Comic Ryu and the publisher of the English translation of the series is being handled by Seven Seas Entertainment. Based on reports, the English version of its tenth volume was published back on Nov. 8 this year.

"A Centaur's Worries" centers on a centaur Himeno as she goes through the struggles of a teenager. However, Himeno is not the only odd member of her class since all of the students in her section are also supernatural beings. Her classmates are also distinct since some of them have tails, wings, halos, and other unexplainable appendages attached to their bodies. Himeno is also accompanied by her two best friends most of the time which are Nozomi and Kyoko.

Furthermore, Nozomi is known for her unique dragon wings while Kyoko is equipped with spiraled horns. The three characters know how to have fun in any situation and they are also easy to get along with. "A Centaur's Worries" is a slice of life comedy and Himeno, Nozomi and Kyoko will go through the typical situations of a high schooler.


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