Best Video Games of 2016 Latest News & Update: Top Games in Metacritics Ranking - Part 1

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Dec 13, 2016 06:17 PM EST

2016 have spawned the extremes in gaming titles and we have them all - from best reviewed AAA titles to the worst that there could possibly be. Yes, it has been a fruitful year and as it closes, it is time to look back to 2016 produce who sports high number of reviews. Without much ado, fire them away.

Thanks to excellent single player mode and exciting multiplayer, Respawn's "Titanfall 2" lands in the list. This title lands at 89 score based on Metacritic reviews. "Titanfall 2" emerged as a new barometer for what shooters should look like. The catch with it is not so good results in terms of revenue which tempts doubts in its other potentials.

"Bloodborne" reaped an excellent result in 2015 and gamers got too excited with its follow up from Software Games. Fast forward to 2016, we witnessed the final installment in "Dark Souls 3." Aggregate score from reviews placed "Dark Souls 3" at 89 score to finish at top ten best rated games. Yes, "Dark Souls 3" wasn't able to pick up from what "Bloodborne" left but this title is still an exciting addendum to your gaming shelf.

Now here is an odd example of how some recently-released games took a decade to complete. "Owlboy" is one of them after burning 10 years for its development phase. "Owlboy" is a PC-exclusive title that reminded us how 2D platformers dominated the good old days of gaming and how well they fare even in modern times. "Owlboy" reaped 90 score based on 41 reviews, thanks to artistically-made looks.

"Forza Horizon 3" will always have a place in Microsoft's list of exclusive titles, given that it is the first among them to breach the score of 90. No, it is their only game to ever reach the ceiling. It can be argued that "Forza Horizon 3" is the cream of the crop when Microsoft's too many endeavors are being measured.

Make no mistake about it, our list hasn't come to conclusion yet. Watch out for the second part of our list where we will place the best of 2016.

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