New Version of 'Rime' Latest News and Update: Not Only Exclusive to PS4, Soon Be on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC

By Samille Jan Abada , Updated Dec 14, 2016 06:16 PM EST

"Rime" is exclusively released for PS4 but new versions will make it possible for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC users to play the game. In the Brazilian game ratings board, there is an application that has been filed to make it come to other consoles. 

In 2013, "Rime" was exclusive for PS4. However, the developer of the game regained its rights from Sony. In the Gamescom 2014, "Rime" went off until this year. The developer promised "Rime" fans that they will work hard to make it better again. 

The speculation that the game will not be for PS4 only started in the mid year of 2016. The game will be published by Grey Box and Six foot according to  Gamespot.  The former publisher of the game separated that's why Sony returned the property rights.

The game has been compared to "Ico" and "The Legend of Zelda: Wind Maker." "Rime" is a cel-shaded adventure game about a young boy lost in the civilization who lives among beasts according to Eurogamer

Microsoft has given the opportunity to make "Rime" exclusive to Xbox One. However, the company rejected it as it wants to help the developer increase its funds to make the game better. The developer of the game Tequila asked Microsoft to fund it $3 million to develop "Rime".  

The game was known as "Echoes of Siren" before but it is now "Rime." This game will also be available to Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Executive Phil Spencer of Microsoft Studios revealed that he rejected the offer to fund the game.

However, he added that part of the job is living with mistakes. "Rime" is still under the development of PlayStation 4 and there is no official date when it will be launched. 


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