'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Latest News & Updates: Global Mission Results! To Catch 100 Million Pokemon Was An Epic Fail!

By Jason Glenn , Updated Dec 14, 2016 12:04 PM EST

The results are in! The first ever "Pokemon Sun and Moon" has reached its deadline where the trainers all over the world would have to collect or gather over 100 million Pokemon in the given time span. And the verdict of the of the event is an epic failure, the Pokemon trainers did not ever reach half of the 100 million Pokemon to be obtained.

"Unfortunately, the goal for the "Catch a lot of Pokémon!" global mission wasn't reached," said the Japanese Pokemon website and was also translated to English. The 'Pokemon Sun and Moon" team also thank the trainers around the world who contributed in efforts to reach the 100 million goal.

The "Pokemon Sun and Moon" players could have won 1,000 Festival coins that are very useful in shopping in the Festival Plaza. The Pokemon team also ensured the contributors and players that they will receive a 100 Festival Coins as a consolation prize if the players have registered the Game Sync ID at the Pokemon Global Link.

The participants will also receive double Festival Coins for the global mission in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon". Polygon reported that the failure of the mission was due to the fact that players had to log into the Global Sync together with their special ID.

Some "Pokemon Sun and Moon" players might have no idea that they have to register and go through the process in the Global Sync in order to participate in the said event. For "Pokemon Sun and Moon" players who are wondering if there will still be events happening in the future fear not, because there will be more.

 There will be more according to Kotaku, there will be another "Pokemon Sun and Moon" event coming later this month and hopefully the players will succeed in reaching the goal. Stay tuned for more updates here on GameNGuide as we give you more on the latest "Pokemon Sun and Moon" news.

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