Super Mario Run Release Date, News & Update : Free As It Needs Constant Internet Connection? How Much Data Could It Consume?

By Febe AF , Updated Dec 13, 2016 11:29 PM EST

Since the announcement of Super Mario Run, many fans were still doubtful as it was a big issue that users cannot play it without constant connection. Now, many have been worried from this day on. But fans shouldn't be worried as there are a lot of benefits for this reason.

It was confirmed by Shigeru Miyamoto that indeed the Super Marion Run cannot be played without constant internet connection due to piracy concerns. That is why Super Mario Run's latest installment doesn't have an offline mode.

The company is much worried about piracy as the game will be available in 150 countries. Thus many gamers can play it in these countries on devices that Nintendo doesn't have direct control over.

In an interview conducted by Mashable, Shigeru Miyamoto said that they view their software as an important asset for them. Also they want to offer their consumers who are purchasing the game in a way that can be played in a stable environment and that wanted to make sure that the software is secure.

In fact, Always Nintendo even added in its report that the company said they wanted to leverage the network with all three modes of Super Marion Run. They want to keep the modes functioning together and offer the game in a way that keeps the software secure. This is something that they want to continue to work on as they continue to develop the game.

Super Mario Run will be launching on December 17th nearly worldwide for free. But the game comes with a $9.99 USD unlock price to access its full contents.

Moreover,some report even claimed that the constant-internet cost of data consumption will be at 75 megabytes per hour, depending on which game mode is being used. But this date is not a considerable amount for average user. Hence, the constant internet requirement should be watched as the game launches in just few days.

Until then we may never know how much cost of date consumption can Super Mario Run consume. How much do you think would the average be?

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