Marvel Heroes Update 2.1 Offers Ghost Rider, Numerous Siege Features [VIDEO]

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Dec 23, 2013 09:16 AM EST

Gazillion Entertainment and Secret Identity Studios’ popular free-to-play MMORPG action title Marvel Heroes has been treated to some brand new update love from the developers, and it seems like a host of new stuff – including new in-game siege features – have been added to the game.

“Patch 2.1 has a lot of good stuff for everyone, with the main focus being a comprehensive review and upgrade of each game system and hero to bring everyone to the level of the newer reworked heroes when it comes to power without having to wait for their level 52 reviews,” the company states.

“The goal is extremely simple: Every hero should be fun now and in the future.”

The new update, apart from introducing new enormous battle zones across Asgard, will now feature Ghost Rider as Marvel Heroes’ newest playable character in an already extensive roster of Marvel superheroes.

“Previous to Ghost Rider, Emma Frost and Squirrel Girl had the most complicated engineering concepts. Now Ghost Rider is the new bar, with a completely new driving animation system, the ability to heat his chains with molten metal and a higher number of animation and VFX details for each of his powers. Various teams went all out on Ghost Rider, as you will notice,” the company adds.

Also, the new Asgard content in the form of siege see the Marvel Heroes story continue where Malekith and his army have besieged Asgard, the result of which being “a huge public combat zone allowing dozens of players to team up and battle Malekith, himself.”

Apart from that, as far as main changes to the game are concerned, it seems like the company has also fine tuned the superhero powers in the game with the company claiming that that the hero powers “have a vastly upgraded back-end tuning and balancing system thanks to a large software engineering system upgrade.”

“All powers now have consistently applied modifiers based on their area, range, speed, animation time, extra effects on hit, conditional requirements, cooldowns, spirit cost and many other factors.”

“All modifiers are applied consistently across the entire game within the tuning system, which accounts for much more consistent damage across heroes,” it adds.

So, for example: “If we find that ‘charge-up’ powers are slightly too weak and never used, one quick change can change their scaling across all heroes who have them, ensuring no hero is ever undertuned.”

Check below for the complete list of siege features added to the game:

-Asgard Under Attack: Malekith and his dark army have besieged Asgard, resulting in a huge public combat zone allowing dozens of players to team up and battle Malekith, himself.

-Even More Story Content: The epic story of Marvel Heroes continues with brand-new story missions featuring fully-voiced motion comics.

-Odin’s Throne Room: This multi-stage fight against Loki will test the mettle of even the strongest heroes.

-Playable Ghost Rider: The Spirit of Vengeance roars into Marvel Heroes on his signature motorcycle armed with the power of hellfire.

-The Most Powerful Enemies Yet: New enemy mobs including massive Kronan, Rock Trolls, and other formidable foes.

-Three Brand-New Costumes: The long awaited Iron Man Hulkbuster Armor, Cable's Techno-Organic Virus costume, and a special holiday costume... Daredevil's "I'm Not Daredevil" outfit.

Check out the trailers for the same below.

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