'Nintendo Switch' Release Date, News & Updates: 'Rime' and 'Seasons of Heaven' Confirmed for Upcoming Console; More Games to be Revealed

By Ruffy , Updated Dec 14, 2016 05:42 AM EST

There are already a few entries that will be part of the latest console of Nintendo like "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild." However, the library of games for the hardware is continually expanding even though it is not yet released. There are some third party publishers who will be contributing to the entries of the Nintendo Switch.

Based on reports, it was revealed that "Rime" is one of the latest entries that will be part of Nintendo Switch. However, the original plan for the game was to be released only for the PlayStation 4 platforms. The publisher was supposed to be Sony, but they have separated from the developer of the upcoming game, Tequila Works. Instead, the developers have partnered up with new publishers which are Grey Box and Six Foot.

This is the reason why Rime will also be coming for the Nintendo Switch platform soon. There are not many details have been reported about "Rime," but it is about a boy who got stranded on an island. The island is shrouded with mysteries where it is filled with puzzles as he roams around the place. The expected launch date of the game is in 2017.

Another title that will also be part of the Nintendo Switch is "Seasons of Heaven" and the entry is actually exclusive for the console. The only details that are known about the upcoming game is it also centers around a young boy named Yann who has Asperger's syndrome. Yann is also being accompanied by his pet French bulldog called Ani. The gameplay is still unknown, but it will run on Unreal Engine 4. It is expected to arrive in 2018.

Nintendo Switch is anticipated to be released in March 2017 although there is no exact date yet. It has also been announced earlier that there will be a livestream presentation for the console on Jan. 12. starting at 11 p.m. EST in Tokyo, Japan.

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